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Here you will find all sorts of information about my work as a Research Scientist and Engineer and some examples of the projects I have been involved with. I am an Associate Scientist at CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research, working at the Institute of Earth Sciences of Orléans (ISTO) where I am leading the Porous Media Research Group. I have more than 10 years of experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics in both academia and industry. My interest in fluid mechanics is very broad including flow and transport in porous media, multiphase flow, complex and non-Newtonian flow, and superfluid. I am considering a wide variety of scales ranging from nanometers to kilometers. I am always eager to solve new challenging problems. Feel free to contact me for more information. Enjoy your visit.


  • 2022, Apr 11: Want to know more about microfluidics for geosciences? Have a look at our article in "Pour la Science" the popular science magazine, available online and on sale in May.

  • 2022, Feb 15: Pr. Jamie Foster and Yoana Grudeva from Portsmouth University, UK came to Orleans for a two-week visit in our research group for intense training on OpenFOAM to adapt the modelling techniques we developed for CCS to coffee brewing.

  • 2022, Feb 15: Walid Okaybi joined our group for a 6-month internship on microfluidic experiments of pore-clogging. Welcome Walid!

  • 2022, Jan 10: Sophie Roman has been awarded the ERC Starting Grant! 1.5 million euros to investigate the effect of diffusiophoresis on contaminant remediation. Congratulations Sophie!

  • 2021, Dec 1: Our paper "The Impact of Sub-Resolution Porosity on Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Flow" in collaboration with Dr. Francisco Carrillo and Prof Ian Bourg from Princeton University has been accepted for publication in Advances in Water Resources!

  • 2021, Oct 1: Laurez Maya joined our group for a PhD on Flow and reactive transport of fine particles related to the injectivity of geothermal reservoirs. Welcome Laurez!

  • 2021, Sep  15: Our paper "porousMedia4Foam: Multi-scale open-source platform for hydro-geochemical simulations with OpenFOAM®" is available online on Environmental Modelling and Software. Check out also the source code of porousMedia4Foam on our GitHub.

  • 2021, July 24: I will give an OpenFOAM training at the 5th Cargese's summer school on Flow and Transport in fractured and porous media. See you there!

  • 2021, July 21: GeoMIME project of Dr Sophie Roman has been awarded an Early-Career Research Grant from the French National Agency for Research. GeoMIME intends to decipher the complex mechanisms associated with carbon storage in the subsurface using computational and experimental microfluidics. Congratulation Sophie!

  • 2021, July 21: Our project IMAGE on monitoring the subsurface for bioremediation with BRGM (French Geological Survey), Geosciences Rennes, Sorbonne Université (METIS), and IRIS Instrument has been selected for funding by the French National Agency for Research!


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My work focuses on fluid flow and transport in porous media from the pore to the reservoir scale. I develop multi-scale mathematical models and computational tools. My research on porous media applies to very different domains such as chemical engineering, nuclear engineering, and subsurface engineering.



I am teaching Computational Fluid Dynamics using the open-source software OpenFOAM since 2009. Today, more than two hundred students, Researchers, Engineers in both academia and industry attended my classes. Feel free to contact me if you need on-site training.

At Stanford University, I am also giving lectures on fluid flow at the pore-scale.

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Need expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics? Technical support with OpenFOAM? Have a specific project that requires professional attention? My services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Contact me today to discover how I can help.



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