• 2021, July 24: I will give an OpenFOAM training at the 5th Cargese's summer school on Flow and Transport in fractured and porous media. See you there!

  • 2021, July 21: GeoMIME project of Dr Sophie Roman has been awarded a Early-Career Research Grant from the French National Agency for Research. GeoMIME intends to decipher the complex mechanisms associated with carbon storage in subsurface using computational and experimental microfluidics. Congratulation Sophie!

  • 2021, July 21: Our project IMAGE on monitoring the subsurface for bioremediation with BRGM (French Geological Survey), Geosciences Rennes, Sorbonne Université (METIS), and IRIS Instrument has been selected for funded by the French National Agency for Research!

  • 2021, July 5: Our paper "Digital Rock Physics: computation of hydrodynamic dispersion" is available online on Oil & Gas Science and Technology. Check out the related code on GitHub.

  • 2021, May 20: I will give an online OpenFOAM short course at Interpore Academy on June 8-12. No need to attend the conference to attend the class. More information here.

  • 2021, Apr 30: Our article "Pore‐Scale Imaging and Modelling of Reactive Flow in Evolving Porous Media: Tracking the Dynamics of the Fluid–Rock Interface" with Catherine Noiriel from the University of Toulouse is published in Transport in Porous Media, link.

  • 2021, Apr 1: Dr. Flore Rembert joined our group for a post-doc. Flore obtained a Labex Voltaire Excellence fellowship. Flore has a PhD from Sorbonne University (Paris, France) in geophysics. Welcome Flore!

  • 2021, Apr 1: Imène Belaid joined our group for a 6-months internship on modeling reactive convection in hydrothermal systems. Welcome Imène!

  • 2021, Mar 15: Our project EsCapaDeS with Dr. Sophie Roman on the assessment of carbon dioxide storage capacity in geological formations has been awarded a 20k€ grant by CNRS's Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

  • 2021, Jan 25: Our article "Computational Microfluidics for Geosciences" has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Water!


  • 2020, Nov 30: Laurez Maya joined our group for a 6-months internship on pore-scale modelling of colloidal transport. Welcome Laurez!

  • 2020, Nov 15: My project CaraMBar on characterization and modelling of confinement barriers for geological storage of carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change has been awarded a 25k€ grant by CNRS's Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

  • 2020, Oct 1: Mojtaba Norouzisadeh joined our Porous Media Research Group at ISTO for a PhD on modelling wettability in geological media. Welcome Mojtaba!

  • 2020, Sept 24: My project TransCol on modelling colloidal transport in porous media has been awarded with a 30k€ grant by Labex Voltaire.

  • 2020, Sept 4: Our article "Multiphase Flow Modeling in Multiscale Porous Media: An Open-Source Micro-Continuum Approach" with Francisco Carrillo and Ian Bourg from Princeton University has been accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Physics!

  • 2020, July 25: I am now the head of the Porous Media Research Group at the Institute of Earth Sciences of Orléans (ISTO).

  • 2020, July 1: I have been elected president of FOAM-U, the association of the French/Belgium OpenFOAM users. I hope to see you in May 2021 in Lyon for our annual meeting.

  • 2020, Jun 15: Check out our new publication "Microfluidic flow-through reactor and 3D Raman imaging for in situ assessment of mineral reactivity in porous and fractured porous media" in Lab-on-a-Chip with Jenna Poonoosamy from Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-6), Forschungszentrum Jülich  link

  • 2020, Feb 06: We have an open PhD position for 3 years to decipher and model the interfacial dynamics of multiphase flow in natural porous media. See the job offer. Apply before April 1. 


  • 2019, Oct 11: Our new paper « A unified single-field Volume-of-Fluid-based formulation for multi-component interfacial transfer with local volume changes» has been accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Physics

  • 2019, Oct 1: I am now an Associate Scientist at CNRS. I am joining the Institute of Earth Sciences of Orléans, France! 

  • 2019, Sept 25: Our new paper « Simulation of mineral dissolution at the pore scale with evolving fluid-solid interfaces: Review of approaches and benchmark problem set» has been accepted for publication in Computational Geosciences

  • 2019, Sept 20: Our new paper « Pore-scale visualization and characterization of viscous dissipation in porous media» has been accepted for publication in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science LINK

  • 2019, July 31: I will visit the group of Prof. Ian Bourg at Princeton University from July 31 to August 29

  • 2019, July 16: My project FraMatI on "Microscale modeling of fracture-matrix interactions under reactive two-phase flow" has been awarded by an Early Career Grant from the French National Agency for Research

  • 2019, April 8: My project PORE-REACTIF (with BRGM, CNRS and University of Pau) on coupling flow and transport with geochemical packages has been awarded by a 12-months post-doc fellowship from "Alliance Nationale de Coordination de la Recherche pour l’Energie". Feel free to send your CV.