• 2021, Jan 25: Our article "Computational Microfluidics for Geosciences" has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Water!

  • 2020, Nov 30: Laurez Maya joined our group for a 6-months internship on pore-scale modelling of colloidal transport. Welcome Laurez!

  • 2020, Nov 15: My project CaraMBar on characterization and modelling of confinement barriers for geological storage of carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change has been awarded a 25k€ grant by CNRS's Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

  • 2020, Oct 1: Mojtaba Norouzisadeh joined our Porous Media Research Group at ISTO for a PhD on modelling wettability in geological media. Welcome Mojtaba!

  • 2020, Sept 24: My project TransCol on modelling colloidal transport in porous media has been awarded with a 30k€ grant by Labex Voltaire.

  • 2020, Sept 4: Our article "Multiphase Flow Modeling in Multiscale Porous Media: An Open-Source Micro-Continuum Approach" with Francisco Carrillo and Ian Bourg from Princeton University has been accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Physics!

  • 2020, July 25: I am now the head of the Porous Media Research Group at the Institute of Earth Sciences of Orléans (ISTO).

  • 2020, July 1: I have been elected president of FOAM-U, the association of the French/Belgium OpenFOAM users. I hope to see you in May 2021 in Lyon for our annual meeting.

  • 2020, Jun 15: Check out our new publication "Microfluidic flow-through reactor and 3D Raman imaging for in situ assessment of mineral reactivity in porous and fractured porous media" in Lab-on-a-Chip with Jenna Poonoosamy from Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-6), Forschungszentrum Jülich  link

  • 2020, Feb 06: We have an open PhD position for 3 years to decipher and model the interfacial dynamics of multiphase flow in natural porous media. See the job offer. Apply before April 1. 

  • 2019, Oct 11: Our new paper « A unified single-field Volume-of-Fluid-based formulation for multi-component interfacial transfer with local volume changes» has been accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Physics

  • 2019, Oct 1: I am now an Associate Scientist at CNRS. I am joining the Institute of Earth Sciences of Orléans, France! 

  • 2019, Sept 25: Our new paper « Simulation of mineral dissolution at the pore scale with evolving fluid-solid interfaces: Review of approaches and benchmark problem set» has been accepted for publication in Computational Geosciences

  • 2019, Sept 20: Our new paper « Pore-scale visualization and characterization of viscous dissipation in porous media» has been accepted for publication in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science LINK

  • 2019, July 31: I will visit the group of Prof. Ian Bourg at Princeton University from July 31 to August 29

  • 2019, July 16: My project FraMatI on "Microscale modeling of fracture-matrix interactions under reactive two-phase flow" has been awarded by an Early Career Grant from the French National Agency for Research

  • 2019, April 8: My project PORE-REACTIF (with BRGM, CNRS and University of Pau) on coupling flow and transport with geochemical packages has been awarded by a 12-months post-doc fellowship from "Alliance Nationale de Coordination de la Recherche pour l’Energie". Feel free to send your CV.

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